My final project for first semester and debut into game design. This is a card game with a touch of mobile app and Augmented Reality.


A Javascript project to generate artistic frames to remember one's favourite books or novels to be given as a gift or memento

Insects Flocking

This was created with OpenFrameworks where object is manipulated with a mouse to switch control of behaviour of the particles, here insects


An Interaction experiment for Strangers, on a virtual public space, without textual or voice prompts. This is built in socket.io (web sockets) to connect strangers.

Psychic Monkey

Talk to the monkey as per the readme file. It is made from jQuery and voice recognition API.

VR the World

A WebVR experience and gives you the impression and feel to study the basic history and understand the new 7 wonders of the world by teleporting you virtually there, with visuals and audio.

The 7-Wonder Generator

An interactive web frame which randomizes your experience between all the 14 (anciente and new) wonders of the world. It also has a simple #hashtag system built in.

StopMotion: The 7 Wonders

An entertaining stopmotion video to educate you about the 7 Wonders of the World.

Soft Circuit and Switches

My first making soft circuits and switches with conducting tape, tilt sensors and neoprene fabric


Simple Arduino demo to turn on the fan when I enter the room.

Traffic Lights

Arduino prototype to demonstrate use of a photo-resistor with a traffic-lights example.


I created a Megamind inspired villain to tease a grueling week of 5-in-5 projects (5 projects in 5 days) and yes, the villain’s name was… p5...in..5! Muhuhahaha! (in p5.js)

p5 Shapes

My submission for one of the quizzes I had in one of my first p5 animation classes. I was so bummed that I could not get the desired animation, and so I had to complete this. This is to understand spatial limits, shape building and alterations.


This is an online travel portfolio with the aim of making logging, sharing and flaunting of one’s travel goals and adventures, easy, fun and consumable. This is the first prototype for Web version only.


These are some of my Storyboarding samples for some projects that I took up, as exercises to sharpen and understand my design process.

Pee for Petrol

This is a speculative design concept where human ‘pee’ is taken as input into the system, placed within a toilet/bathroom and converted to petrol, that is the output of this system. This has potential to save the world.

Mario's PJ Time

This is a stick-figure comic-strip blog that I built over the years, from lame jokes to mind-blowing wisdom! It has been featured in the New Indian Express, Chennai, India and also on Indigo Radio FM, Chennai.


My humble collection of my photography. I do love photography, but these are my simple attempts at trying to improve. No professional cameras have been used.